Shopping Assistance, Furniture Rentals


We handle everything from start to finish!

We try to work with what you have but in some cases we may recommend purchases or rentals to complete the look. 
MRM Home Staging offers a shopping service to assist you with this and will add this to the proposal service recommendation if we feel it’s necessary.

Working within your budget, we will only make those recommended purchases that will pay for themselves in the
speed and amount of sale.
During the Staging Day, we will bring in accessories in order
to get fantastic photos for your Realtor’s marketing efforts
and to attract Internet traffic. Over 85% of home buyers are
online searching for homes BEFORE they visit a home, so we
want to make an excellent first impression and compel them
to come to your home.

We offer a shopping service for designing and staging your home. There are many vendors that provide MRM Home Staging company volume discounts, enhanced shipping and priority customer service as your designer.

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